There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them.

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Passion meets expertise in motion. Welcome to my dance studio, where dance comes alive and dreams take flight. With graceful steps and a keen eye for perfection, I have transformed my lifelong love for dance into an awe-inspiring art form. At DanceHood CY, we are more than just a dance studio; we are a community of passionate individuals ready to unleash their potential.

Together, we will nurture your unique talents, refine your technique, and ignite your passion for dance. Come, step into a world where passion and precision merge, and let your spirit soar under my guidance. Join a class at our dance studio in Lakatamia and be part of a community that thrives on the rhythm of success. Together, we will make your dance dreams a reality.

- Chariklia Odysseos

Founder | Dance Instructor

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Hip - Hop

Dive into the world of hip-hop with our high-energy classes, where rhythm, style, and self-expression collide. Join our community and let the beats guide you as you unlock your inner hip-hop artist.

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Step into the groove with our dynamic locking dance style, where funk and creativity fuse to create a unique and captivating movement experience. Join us in embracing the rhythm and unleashing your individuality on the dance floor.

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Embark on a rhythmic voyage with our exhilarating Latin dances, where passion and energy converge in each electrifying movement. Unleash your inner dancer and let the Latin beats ignite your spirit.

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Experience the essence of diverse cultures through our mesmerizing ethnic dances – a journey that bridges traditions and rhythms from around the world.

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